English summary

The Anders Sveaas’ Charitable Foundation is a private foundation based in Oslo, Norway. The foundation was established in 1990 by the Norwegian businessman and art collector Chisten Sveaas and named after his grandfather Consul Anders Sveaas, the founder of Kistefos Træsliberi at Jevnaker in 1889. The purpose of the foundation is to contribute to public and charitable causes, especially organizations without relevant public funding.

Among the benificiaries in previous years you will find:

  • The Queen Sonja International Music Competition
  • Bergen Music Festival
  • The Grieg Trio
  • The Kon-Tiki Classical Music Fest
  • Trondheim International Chamber Music Festival
  • The Kistefos Museum and Sculpture Park located at Jevnaker just outside of Oslo
  • Senior citizens residing in nursing homes in Oslo with wine for the Christmas holydays
  • Easter gifts for children who have to spend the holydays in hospitals in Oslo and surrounding counties
  • Different projects within The Church City Mission in Oslo

The foundation also owns a collection of antique string instruments. Supporting young talented Norwegian musicians thorugh scholarships and intrument loans is another important purpose for the foundation. The foundation was established in 1990, making 2015 a 25 year anniversary.

The Foundation owns the following instruments:

  • Antonio Stradivari cello from 1707 : Currently on loan to Andreas Brantelid
  • Antonio Stradivari violin from 1710 : Currently on to Ludvig Gudim 
  • Antonio Stradivari violin from 1725: Currently on loan to David Coucheron
  • Antonio Stradivari violin "Spencer Dyke" from 1736: Currently on loan to Johan Dalene
  • G.B. Guadagnini violin from 1753 : Currently on loan to Christopher Tun Andersen
  • G.B. Guadagnini violin from 1773: Currently on loan to Mari Silje Samuelsen
  • Dominico Montagnana violin from 1730-40: Currnetly on loan to Ragnhild Kyvig Bauge
  • G.B. Guadagnini viola from 1743-45: Currently on loan to Soon-Mi Chung
  • F. Ruggieri cello from 1687 : Curently on loan to Amalie Stalheim
  • F. Ruggieri cello from 1688: Currently on loan to Fredrik Schøyen Sjölin

If you have any questions concerning our foundation, please do not hesitate to contact us at avg@asaf.no